Feltuar: The Dragonblood Path

The Battle of Albridge

After showing the Woodsinger Elves evidence of the defeat of their goblins and undead wizard Eriyel promises the adventurers fifty of her most available archers.

The adventurers made their way back to Albridge by way of Harken village and found the Iron Circle preparing for war. After returning to Albridge with news of what they saw, Dar Gremath asks for their help in preparing the townsfolk for the coming battle as he works with other leaders from the area to bring in the back up the adventurers had secured. After a somewhat restless night during which the party was unable to bolster the spirits of the locals as much as they had hoped, the Iron Circle attacked, hoping to crush the rebellion.

When there was a break in the citizen’s line, the adventurer’s moved in to defend it. They cut down a unit of eleven Iron Circle marauders and a spitting drake, before being called to defend against a Dark Adept and two Tar Devils, who proved to be a challenge for the adventurer’s nearly killing Kellin.

While resting a moment after defeating the Tar Devils, a roar of challenge made its way across the battlefield. Another group of Iron Circle soldiers advanced upon the party. They were supported by two scaly humanoid creatures with horns and tails, with dripping globs of burning pitch in their taloned hands. With the band rode a massively muscled human warrior in scale armor. A standard flew from a holster at his stirrup – a black pennant with a red and gold trimmed grey ring in the center, “You!” the enemy lord cried. “You are the ones who have caused me so much trouble! Know now that you face Lord Nazin Redthorn, champion of the Iron Circle. With you deaths, my victory is assured!”



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