Feltuar: The Dragonblood Path

Technically, it went exactly as planned.

After a narrow victory defeating Nazin Redthorn with the help of two new additions to the party, a Genasi Swordmage named Sardis, an eladrin mage named Berrian, and a Dragonborn Avenger named Kellin, the group celebrated victory with a drunken fight between Korzon and Kellin over the campfire.

The next morning, the group went to Harken Village to speak with Old Kellar, the Dwarf who built Iron Keep. After learning what they could about the layout and secret passages of the keep, the andventurers disguised themselves as a merchant caravan and sneaked into the keep. Once inside, they mounted a courageous assault on the most fortified section of the keep, where the expected Redthorn to be. Unfortunately, the noise drew the attention of nearly every guard in the castle, and our heroes found themselves hopelessly outnumbered after an extended fight.

During the escape, Harbek fell, but the rest of the party got away to fight again.



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