Feltuar: The Dragonblood Path

Heads are gonna roll

Bad to worse

Our heroes set up camp in the forest to lick their wounds before trying to retake the keep again. After a night’s rest, they returned to Old Kellar to discuss another plan. The old dwarf was clearly concerned and discomforted by their failure, as his house had been ransacked by the Iron Circle during the night’s search for the party, but agreed to report the site of a fake camp where they would lay in ambush.

A few hours later, a group of sentinels and tar devils approached the camp, and were defeated by the adventurers. Unfortunately, their failure to return elicited a violent response from Nazin Redthorn and the Iron Circle. While the adventurer’s rested from a hidden place on the outskirts of town, they watched as Redthorn left the keep with his full force, beheaded Old Kellar, and razed much of the town. They then left along the road toward the Thunderspire.

The party left quietly on the road toward Fallcrest, but were caught up to by a tiefling messenger while at a roadside tavern. The tiefling dropped the head of Dar Gremath on the floor and told the adventurers that “Lord Vehaynik wanted them to know that the Iron Circle will prevail.” Before the fight began, our heroes cleared the room of the minor inconvenience of witnesses by killing the barkeep, and four patrons before attacking the tiefling. The tiefling was eventually defeated, though nearly at the cost of Sardis’s life.

Good thing that happened while Korzon was in the outhouse.



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